Navigating Your Return to Exercise After Breast Surgery: A Comprehensive Guide

Post-breast surgery, it’s natural to feel eager to return to your regular activities. However, it’s essential to approach this transition with care and understanding. Let’s explore this together.

Understanding the Exercise Spectrum Post-Surgery

Exercise is a broad term, encompassing activities from CrossFit and resistance training to jogging, swimming, and even power walking. The timeline for resuming these activities varies based on their intensity and impact on the surgical area.

Taking Those First Steps: When Can I Walk?

In the initial days post-surgery, gentle walks around the block are encouraged. However, it’s crucial to avoid excessive sweating, as moisture can compromise the dressing tapes on your wounds, increasing the risk of bacterial infections.

Hitting the Gym: When’s the Right Time?

For the gym enthusiasts, you might consider returning for a lower limb workout, like a leg day, around the two-week mark. However, it’s essential to avoid exercises that strain the chest area, especially after breast augmentation. If your implants are beneath the pectoral muscles, it’s crucial to allow them to settle properly before engaging in upper body workouts.

Jogging and Running: How Long Should I Wait?

While walking is encouraged, high-impact activities like jogging or running should be postponed for at least four to six weeks. This ensures your scars heal properly, and if you have implants, they settle well in their new environment.

Diving Back In: When Can I Swim?

Swimming post-surgery requires caution. It’s vital to ensure your wounds are completely healed before immersing in pool or sea water. Any vulnerability in the wounds can introduce waterborne bacteria, posing a risk, especially if you have implants. Always consult with us before taking that plunge, ensuring your recovery is on track.