Understanding the Role of Compression Garments in Breast Surgery Recovery

When it comes to breast surgery, one topic that often surfaces is the use of post-operative compression garments. Let’s delve into this together.

Why Compression Garments are Essential After Breast Surgery

Every surgical procedure, including breast surgeries like augmentation, lift, reduction, or reconstruction, can lead to swelling in the operated area. This swelling, if unchecked, can cause discomfort, pain, and even potentially affect the healing process.

Compression garments play a pivotal role in managing this swelling. By wearing these specially designed garments, you provide consistent pressure to the surgical area, helping reduce swelling and, in turn, alleviating pain. Moreover, a controlled environment is created, promoting optimal scar healing and overall recovery.

Duration and Care for Your Compression Garments

Typically, I advise my patients to wear their compression garments for about six to eight weeks post-surgery. It’s essential to avoid bras with underwires during this period, especially if incisions are near the breast crease, as they can cause discomfort.

For continuity in healing and comfort, it’s recommended to wear these garments around the clock, including during sleep. The only exception would be during your daily shower. To ensure hygiene and convenience, we provide two sets of garments. This allows you to wear one while the other is being washed, ensuring continuous support for your healing journey.