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Breast Reduction Surgery

Tailored breast surgery to reduce size and alleviate discomfort, ensuring natural-looking results and patient satisfaction

Breast reduction surgery, expertly performed by Marion Chan, not only lifts and reshapes your breasts for a more pronounced and desirable cleavage but also relieves the discomfort of excess weight, enabling you to embrace life’s physical activities with ease.

Enhanced Physical Comfort: Patients often experience improved mobility and find relief from the discomfort associated with larger breasts, which can impact their daily activities.

Achieve a Balanced Silhouette: Beyond practical considerations, this surgical journey aims to help individuals achieve a more balanced and harmonious physical appearance.

Breast Reduction

Is Breast Reduction Surgery Right For Me?

Breast reduction surgery is a decision to be carefully considered. While it offers numerous benefits, it’s essential to evaluate your individual needs, expectations, and overall health. During a dedicated consultation, we will discuss your unique circumstances and help you determine if breast reduction is the right choice for you, ensuring that you are fully-informed and prepared.

Am I the Ideal candidate?

The ideal candidates for breast reduction surgery are individuals who grapple with oversized, cumbersome, or pendulous breasts, experiencing discomfort in the form of neck, back, or shoulder pain. They may also feel self-conscious during physical activities or struggle to find bras that cater to their unique size without causing discomfort. It’s important to note that young women should wait until after full development, and for males dealing with gynaecomastia, addressing the issue after reaching full maturity is advisable.

Breast reduction surgery offers various techniques, each defined by distinct incision patterns. These include the nipple-only incision, the lollipop scar pattern, and the inverted T pattern. At our practice, we often employ a hybrid approach, utilising an L (or J) shaped incision when suitable. Each method is tailored to address different levels of tissue removal and lift, ensuring that your results align with your unique needs and aesthetic preferences.

After Breast Surgery

Following breast reduction surgery, a key focus is on relaxation and healing. Expect some swelling post-surgery, and for about 6-8 weeks, wearing a soft, supportive bra is recommended to aid the healing process and minimise discomfort. Opt for bras without underwires, as they can apply pressure to the surgical site and cause discomfort and impact wound healing.  It’s crucial to prioritise self-care during this period, and our team will guide you through every step of your recovery.

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Frequently Asked

Questions about Breast Reduction?

Gain quick insights on the common questions we get asked about  breast reduction surgery.

What does breast reduction surgery involve?

Breast reduction surgery involves reshaping breast tissue, removing excess skin, and creating a lifted and more comfortable chest contour.

When is the ideal age for breast reduction?

 It’s best to wait until after puberty and full development before considering breast reduction surgery. 

Is breast reduction a high-risk procedure, and how is post-operative pain managed?

Although there are always some risks associated with surgeries, breast reduction is generally safe for healthy individuals, and post-operative pain is usually manageable with over-the-counter pain relief.

Is breast reduction surgery supported by Medicare or health funds?

Medicare and health funds may provide coverage for breast reduction if it’s medically indicated and meets specific criteria.

What are the potential risks associated with breast reduction?

Risks include standard surgical complications, anaesthetic risks, and procedure-specific concerns, which will be discussed in detail during consultation.

Can breast reduction be combined with other surgical procedures?

Breast reduction can sometimes be combined with other body contouring procedures, but this decision should be carefully considered due to potential complexities in recovery and healing.

Breast Reduction Surgery

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